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A Head Full of Dreams: Chris Martin and the Birth of Coldplay

We grow together, we improve together. This was the motto that held together one of the most famous bands in the world.
13 Settembre 2022
Coldplay. La loro storia

After more than 20 years, Chris Martin, Will Champion, Guy Berryman and Jonny Buckland find themselves looking back and looking at their past with serene nostalgia: what would have happened if Coldplay hadn’t met in college?

Chris Martin and his childhood

For Chris, singer and frontman of Coldplay, everything was simpler: from an early age he understood that he wanted to be a musician. Yet many of his peers tried to demoralize him: “You are more likely to resurrect dinosaurs than become a musician!”

It was his parents who encouraged him, but not with motivating words, but with their example: Chris saw in their faces the dissatisfaction for not having chased after their dreams. It was this flame that gave life to the spark of Chris Martin and many years later to the contents of Coldplay’s seventh album “A Head Full of Dreams”.

The genesis of the name Coldplay

A band from humble beginnings, born within University College London. They took the name as a gift from an opening band who dismissed the Coldplay name as being too difficult to pronounce. So Chris and the other members, constantly looking for the final name, finally abandoned the Starfish name in favor of Coldplay. And now the fans are thanking you.

The vertigo of success

The problem with gradual success is that you don’t realize where you’re at: you feel a terrible sense of vertigo when you try to look back. One day you find yourself performing in a club in Camden, after a few years you are surrounded by thousands of people in a stadium“. After signing their first record deal, Coldplay immediately understood that their passion for music would become a full-fledged profession.

We grow together, we improve together: the departure and return of drummer Will Champion

The manufacturer at the time was very demanding on the technical quality of the individual members. Thus it was that Coldplay found themselves forced to remove drummer Will Champion from the band due to technical incapacity: in fact he was an improvised drummer and over the years Coldplay had always joked about it. But this time there was nothing to laugh about.

After several auditions to find the new drummer, Chris regretted his gesture: Coldplay are a big family of musicians and friends: their journey towards a dream that has now been achieved had to be undertaken and completed together. Will Champion returned to the studio to record the album and since then the band has remained increasingly cohesive and invincible.

We all improve together. All time. The whole is greater than the sum of the individual parts.

Coldplay during a live performance in London

In this regard, I leave you with the closing words of Chris Martin at the end of the A Head Full of Dreams tour:

We thank all of you who come from all over the world, who are at home or on the road for being the best part of our show and for keeping your and our heads full of dreams. We are in this together. We are one big band. Anything is possible if you don’t give up, and if you believe in love. 

Chris Martin

We are all integrated members of a great band. None excluded.

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