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5 years of stories, dreams and hopes

This year Musa Studio studio blows out 5 candles. They have been five intense years, full of stories, dreams and hopes, fulfilled and disillusioned.
5 Ottobre 2022
Musa compie 5 anni

Successes and failures, satisfactions and disappointments… the history of a company is a bit like a mirror of the life of each of us: everything changes continuously and we must adapt accordingly to new scenarios, new needs, new objectives.

When Matteo and I founded Musa Studio, our needs were to get away from our previous job, from people who had let us down and from situations we were no longer willing to tolerate.

Today we find ourselves with an exponentially growing reality: work and the number of clients have multiplied, as have collaborators and partners who, every day, help us do what we do best, which is to help people realize their dreams.

Each year has been better than the previous one, in terms of growth, and for us this is an objective and unequivocal sign that we are on the right track.

Growth, however, is never partial or selective: everything else follows in its wake too. Here then is that, together with the exponential growth of satisfactions and successes, problems, worries and sometimes disappointments also grow.

The choices are becoming more difficult and increasingly crucial for the future. As the months go by, just as happens in the lives of each of us, there are people who stay and people who leave, due to misunderstandings, inconsistency of objectives or perhaps just due to a sudden change in circumstances.

Never before have people come in and out of our lives so easily.

The years of the Pandemic have led to an exasperation of this trend, on the other hand the situation of profound discomfort caused by the lockdown and social distancing has inevitably caused long-term consequences. This is because, despite the evolution of new technologies, the real difficulty for human beings remains the same: that of being able to communicate.

Today we can hold meetings miles away, create multimedia content and share it on social networks, yet  the real challenge is always the same: reducing the distance between people as much as possible. I’m not talking about that physics: the philosophy that moves the development of the Metaverse and new technologies are helping to reset it more and more … the real distance between people is in the ability to understand each other.

A good communicator is not only the one who manages to correctly convey the message to his interlocutor: a good communicator is the one who is able, first, to understand the interpretative framework of his interlocutor and, then, to shape his message accordingly, so that it succeeds in conveying a concept that has meaning and significance for both.

This is the new professional challenge we are facing today, namely that of facing the double relativity of the communication process (message-recipient); a test of humility and courage because it pushes each of us to get off our pedestal.
Years of training, specialization and experience in a sector are not enough if what you are trying to express cannot be understood, and not (only) because it was expressed in the wrong way, but above all because the interpretative framework of the our interlocutor.

I like to imagine that our reality, this little creature of ours that proves to be bigger every day than Matteo and I expected it to be, can help transmit and nurture just that: a culture of communication, respecting listening and of understanding.

For this to happen, continuous work on ourselves is necessary, we must learn to improve in understanding the interpretative framework of customers, collaborators and partners.

So this is the desire we want to express, a moment before blowing out the five candles: to improve further, for ourselves, for our customers and in general for all those people who renew their faith in what we do every day.

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